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Services Available



Drive in Location

For your convenience, Summit Recycling has a 5 foot platform scale on site for nonferrous and smaller materials, as well as one drive-on truck scale for ferrous or larger materials.

Individuals unload their nonferrous materials into carts to roll onto platform scale in order to be weighed and graded. Individuals with ferrous or large amounts of materials drive onto truck scale to be weighed and then unload materials into our yard.

Our lovely buyer representatives will help guide you through the process and special accommodations can be made using forklifts, magnets, or other equipment if necessary.

Payment is cash or check on the spot. See more under Pricing. Valid picture identification is required.



Roll-Off Service

In order to better serve our customers, Summit Recycling provides roll-off container services for ferrous and nonferrous metals. Our roll-off containers are approximately 8 ft wide and 22 ft long.

Our drivers deliver containers to the location for you to fill at your own convenience. Once loaded, give us a call for pickup if the job is finished, or a swap for an empty container to continue filling. We will weigh the metal at our facility and pay you by cash or check for the material.

Pricing is determined by weight, distance, material, and market fluctuations. Contact us for more information.



Vehicle Pick-up

Summit Recycling offers a flatbed truck for vehicles to be scrapped within a 30 mile radius. Required documentation includes:

Title (in YOUR name or signed over by individual). Exceptions for abandoned vehicles older than 10 years (will be verified).

VSA-40 Form (We provide and are to be completed on site).

Photo of individual with right hand placed on vehicle (taken on site).

Valid photo I.D. for payment.

Individual must be present at time of pickup!

Vehicles towed to us require the same process and documentation. Gas tank must be empty. Prices are by weight and are paid in cash or check on spot.



Heavy Metal Recovery

Summit Recycling harnesses the equipment and expertise required to move large scale metal salvage items including, but not limited to:

  • Farm equipment

  • Large Vehicles

  • Tanks

  • Machines

If it is scrap metal, we will find a way to move and haul it. Our heavy metal recovery specialist, Jake, will be your primary contact in the logistics of removing the salvage. We will then transport it to our facility, where it will be weighed.

Pricing is determined by weight, distance, material, and market fluctuations. Payment will be cash or check. Contact us for more information.